We can be activated to a situation by various methods including, by the person(s) in difficulty, family/friends reporting someone overdue, someone observing a vessel in difficulty, activation of flares and/or EPIRB. We can also be advised directly: by the person in need of assistance, ACRM, Police and other sources.

Under current State legislation, police are the hazard management agency and the responsibility for organising or coordinating a response to a "sea rescue" situation. Volunteer Marine Rescue Groups provide the resources and conduct the search/rescue operation in most situations.


When a call-out has been received, the duty skipper will contact various members until a crew is organised. The crew will meet at the boat, go through a pre-departure procedure, log on to Busselton our Base and depart for the vessel needing assistance.

We have a state of art "control tower" at our headquarters (Marine House) that is fitted out with marine radios, weather station, land based radar and internet access. We have a member who attends the tower, monitors our rescue boat activities and provides search support with communication links, general guidance and operating the radar. The radar has proven invaluable with locating vessels and directing the rescue boat to the vessel needing assistance.

It is important for skippers to provide accurate details of their location to the rescue vessel and update this information if anything changes. eg, if you are drifting, we need to know direction and if possible, rate of drift.


Our tow procedure is to pass a tow line with a snap-clip. This is to be attached to the bow ring where the trailer winch line is attached to the boat. Your motor leg should be left down and in the straight ahead position.


If you are broken down and sea conditions deteriorate, we strongly recommend all persons on board wear a life jacket and have your emergency grab bag (with flares and EPIRB) in a handy position. Also have a light but strong rope available. If you end up in the water it may be prudent to lash everyone together.

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