What do we expect from our Volunteers?

Only the time you can spare and the help you can offer. We are grateful for any input you can give. Being a volunteer with our group offers choices that don't all mean you must go to sea in boats!!! Some of these are -

  • being able to help as a "tower operator"
  • assisting with maintenance of boats
  • helping with or organizing fundraising
  • coordinating social activities, networking
  • becoming a training officer

Of course, your options also include becoming a crew member and eventually a skipper. We have plenty to do for seafarers and landlubbers alike !

It's not always hard work!!!!

If you want to help us but don't know what you can do, we can show you. Why not give us a try?  Contact us

Social Events

As we are driven community volunteers, it is important to partake in social events and create opportunities for our members to get to know each other and to introduce new members to the group in a less formal manner. For this reason we have regular Friday night BBQ's and periodic social events.

Our AGM provides a great night to mingle amoungst the members, whilst also acknowledging the achievements of fellow members and 'keeping up' with the business side of things. Below are some pictures from our 2015 AGM.

surf and sea rescue

social 2

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