Old tower room at GBYCOld tower room at GBYC - click to enlarge New 20 metre towerNew 20 metre tower - click to enlarge The heart of our Sea Rescue operations is our state of the art Tower Room.  From here you can see right out over Geographe Bay with a full view of the historic Busselton Jetty.

 We started with a very modest beginning in the 1980's when the group's only communications were one VHF radio, one 27meg radio and a radar believed from a WW2 destroyer in a small control room at the Geographe Bay Yacht Club.  In comparison, the up to date communication systems we have today has come a long way. With the variety of communications, radar and tracking systems any search and rescue operation can be controlled from this room.

We work alongside the Police (WAPOL) who can conduct operations from this communication centre.

We support ACRM Base with the log on log off maritime radio monitoring service they run for their sea going members.

If you can see yourself being involved with a sea rescue group, but are not really comfortable in boats or at sea you can always join our team who monitor our boating friends while they are out on the ocean. Or keep in contact with our rescue boats while they are on rescue missions or involved with training or community events.

When the sea search & rescue action is on, this room is alive with energy.

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Control room stationControl room station
Tracking vessels in Geographe BayTracking vessels in Geographe Bay
Search pattern detailSearch pattern detail
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